Good News, not Old News.

September 13, 2007

I met up with a dear sister for lunch today. At the end of our time together, all I could do was rejoice over what He’s been doing in her life. He is faithful; through the gospel, our hearts & lives are transformed for His glory. I suppose this is much clearer to sight in another’s life than in our own sometimes. I left from our conversation so joyful, so thankful . . . so reminded. (I love you! – & most of all, You.)

The gospel message will never be merely a thing of the past for those of us who are in Christ.

When we were justified, it was our letter of purchased freedom.
While we are being sanctified, it is our letter of sure hope.
When we are finally glorified, it will be our letter of eternal joy.

The salvation He promises is the salvation He effects, positionally & practically, to the day we see Him face to face. We should pray that our hearts would never be so hardened as to consider lightly – or yawningly – the cross of Christ.

The gospel is not just words. In it is the reality of a Perfect Life, worthy of eternal praise, brutally slain on the behalf of sinners, worthy of eternal punishment.

Consider His utter holiness. Consider our utter sinfulness. Consider the reality of a Christless eternity in hell. Consider the reality of heaven’s joy, Christ Himself. Consider what we deserved. Consider what we were undeservedly given instead.

Salvation came at a high, terrible cost; but the One who paid it, paid it willingly in love.

& He lives!


One Response to “Good News, not Old News.”

  1. cathie Says:

    thanks tia — i love you dearly!! ❤

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