My big brother.

September 19, 2007

I always wanted a big sister or a little brother.

“A big sister won’t leave me out of her clubs by saying ‘No girls allowed’.”
“A little brother wouldn’t be able to chase me around with a spider in his hand (I wouldn’t let him).”

Or so I thought.

But if I didn’t have a big brother . . .
Who would have woken me up at 4am to play Nintendo?
Who would have let me wear his big jeans to school?
Who would have made houses for my Barbies out of Legos?
Who would have cut my hair & let me cut his hair . . . & then taken the blame when mom found out?
Who would have explained to mom that I didn’t throw the rock at Eddie, hitting him on the head, out of malice?
Who would have always chosen the bigger spanking stick just to spare me?
Who would have colored a purple rectangle around my eyes with hard-to-wash-off markers so I could play Ninja Turtles?
Who would have taught me to jump on & off the sidewalk with my rollerblades?
Who would have kept the mean boys at school in check?
Who would have taught me how to fly-fish?
Who would have taught me how to fix a hole in the wall?
Who would have taught me how to play with fire without burning my shoes?
Who would have forced me to listen to a long oration about jet engines?
Who would have played the piano so hard that the piano wires broke, giving the both of us a week off from practicing?
Who would have let me cry in his room when life suddenly became scary & dark?
Who would have been the first one to tell me about the book of Job?
Who would have given me the bigger piece of chocolate when we were lost backpacking without any food left?
Who would have agreed to paddle me in the canoe in the middle of the night?
Who would have put money in my pocket “just for fun spending” even when he was struggling?
Who would have taught me by example to be quick to apologize & quick to forgive?
Who would have killed all the spiders for me?
Who would have . . . ?

Yes, I’m very thankful God gave me a big brother :]

(Oppah = “big brother”, Koppah = “picks his nose” – hey, I was little when I thought of it :] & I thought it was clever because it rhymes.)

I love you!



6 Responses to “My big brother.”

  1. pastorpatrick Says:

    Hey Tia! Besides your brother, don’t forget all your imaginary friends. I’m sure you’ve done most of the list above with them as well. =) ~P

  2. tia Says:

    HAHAHA awww . . . I had real friends, too . . . like um . . .

  3. stephanie Says:

    that’s so cuuute. =)

  4. stephanie Says:

    ps: dont listen to pastor patrick. his imaginary friends aren’t as fun as yours.

  5. cathie Says:

    awwww tia — my big brother didn’t do any of those things for me…
    except maybe killing all the spiders hahaha.

  6. jennifer lee Says:

    awwwwwwww~ so cute.

    hahahahhahaha patrick. aww i miss patrick
    he’s another one of those ‘older-brother-that-i-never-wanted’ haha Just Kidding! =)

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