Start today!

September 21, 2007

The seniors are reading through the Greek tragedy Oedipus right now (prince of Thebes who unknowingly fulfills the prophecy given at his birth: that he’ll kill his father & marry his mother).

Today, in reference to Oedipus’ desire to find out whether or not he was the one who killed King Laius of Thebes, I asked the third period class, “Would you want to know the truth at all costs? Even if finding out the truth would devastate you or those close to you?”

All of them said yes.

“So, if someone said they knew when & in what manner you would die, would you want to know?” (So morbid, I know.)

Most said, “No way!”

“But if you knew you would die soon, how many of you would live differently than you are now?”

All of them
raised their hands.

What about us? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Start today!

Some of Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions:
Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.
Resolved, to live with all my might, while I do live.
Resolved, never to do anything, which I should be afraid to do, if it were the last hour of my life.
Resolved, that I will live so, as I shall wish I had done when I come to die.
I frequently hear persons in old age, say how they would live, if they were to live their lives over again: Resolved, that I will live just so as I can think I shall wish I had done, supposing I live to old age.


Note: I made “Meet my students” private, because I realize I no longer personally know everyone who visits here. Even though I wrote about them anonymously with information that they don’t mind making public anyway, I decided to take it down for their safety (just in case). I wanted some of you to be able to pray for them with more specificity, but it looks like you’ll have to email me for that info :] Thanks!


7 Responses to “Start today!”

  1. Derek Wong Says:

    Do students from your classes read your blog?

  2. tia Says:

    It’d be neat if they did :] but it’s typically not recommended for teachers & students to interact too much on a personal level, so I don’t publicize my blog to them.

  3. pastorpatrick Says:

    I just noticed the top of your blog reads, “It means joy.” Funny. =) ~P

  4. Derek Wong Says:

    Well I suppose that I would have guessed that. Still, I would think that they’d get a big kick out of seeing what you’re like outside of the classroom.

    However, there’s probably no way that they’d find it unless you told them. I just searched for you, but you didn’t come up in a way that would help me out if I didn’t know where your blog already was.

  5. jennifer lee Says:

    you’re a teacher… kind of strange.

    and i know what derek means by “I would think that they’d get a big kick out of seeing what you’re like outside of the classroom”
    hahaha =)

  6. tia Says:

    Don’t worry – I’ll get them through the three stages:
    1. Recognizing corny jokes
    2. Laughing at corny jokes
    3. Cracking corny jokes

    :] You were my first graduate, Jenn! Remember???

  7. Found your blog from the wordpress homepage. I love finding other like minded believers on here. Thanks for the reminder to live each day for eternity.

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