See you at the pole.

September 26, 2007

Every third Wednesday of September, students/staff gather together at their school flagpoles to pray. The last time I participated in “See You at the Pole” was 6 years ago, my senior year of high school.

Today, I (again) forgot that our high school was on a funky schedule, so I showed up to school an hour early. As I was sitting in my car, debating what I should do with my extra hour, I heard on the radio that it was “See You at the Pole” Day. A-ha!

My first task was to find the school’s flagpole. It’s a huge campus, & its layout is sort of like UCSD with its mini-colleges, only this school calls them “villas”. After walking around for 15 minutes, I finally found it. It wasn’t in the middle of the school, in the quad, or anything. It was way out on the fringes, on the opposite side of school. It made for a long walk with a heavy bag, on a morning cold enough to see your breath in front of you; but ah, it was worth it.

By the flagpole, I saw 1 teacher & 8 students in a circle, praying. Every once in a while, as we were praying, I peeked & made mental notes of who the believers were on campus ;] Before I had to leave, I noted 2-3 teachers & about 12 students.

What a blessing it was. I’m glad I forgot about the schedule change today. I could have slept an hour longer . . . but I would have slept through such a sweet blessing!


5 Responses to “See you at the pole.”

  1. cathie Says:

    aw tia i’m glad :]
    i forgot about see you at the pole haha

  2. stevenhong Says:

    dude. That’s cool. God is definitely sovereign.

  3. jennifer l. Says:

    see you at the pole…
    i did that every year in high school. but. alas. it was self-righteous hypocrisy.

  4. jennifer l. Says:

    (it was DONE in self-righteous hypocrisy)

  5. killingsin Says:

    Good stuff, bud.

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