Michael Jordan’s Jersey Number.

October 5, 2007

Today in class, I was trying to remind the students of a scene we watched yesterday in the film, The Quiz Show. Basically, it’s a scene where Charles Van Doren is eating chocolate cake with his dad. My brain must have had a temporary (hopefully, just temporary) glitch or something, because instead of saying, “Remember that scene when they’re eating chocolate cake,” I said, “Remember that scene with the chocolate-eating cake”. They were taking notes, so most of them didn’t see me look up, mentally review what I just said, & quietly laugh to/at myself.

But one student did. He gave me this, “Did you just say what I think you said?” look & continued taking notes, silently chuckling.

Chocolate-eating cake . . . sounds like a birthday horror movie . . .

But thank you everyone for all the birthday greetings yesterday!

At school, each of my four periods surprised me & brought in baked goods. Some were even homemade (yum!). It was a little unnerving hearing, “Happy birthday dear Miss Han” for the first time though . . . *shudder* – haha. The original teacher somehow secretly told them last week that my birthday would be coming up.

I think they just wanted less homework . . . even though I didn’t plan to give them homework anyway . . .


Yesterday, I spent some time reflecting on what my 22nd year of life had been like. It’d been a year of many changes in life &, as a result, much inner struggle, too. But as each year passes, & in spite of anything & everything, this refrain puts down deeper roots in my heart: “Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.”

Truly, great is His faithfulness.


7 Responses to “Michael Jordan’s Jersey Number.”

  1. e Says:

    ah yes, the inevitable slip up of the tongue when teaching….at least yours didn’t become one of the most embarrasing moments of your life…

    birthday wishes from socal…stay away from the chocolate eating cake…. 🙂

  2. jennifer lee Says:

    hahahahaha chocolate eating cake…
    and e.
    yes. i hope i never make a slip up of the tongue like yours.

  3. blueraindrop Says:

    did ya give the student extra credit for a:listening to what you were saying in the first place and b: not laughing or calling attention to it? lol

  4. tia Says:

    hahaha, hmm . . . that’s an idea . . .

  5. Rebecca Says:

    you sooo fahnnnnyyyy!! lol (yes literally lol) harhar those kids are so sweeet! for a sweet lady! and you’re right, God is so faithful, even when we’re struggling to be… ❤

  6. thejambi Says:

    Hello. I really like your idea for your blog – remembering an old place that you could go to when you needed. : ) that’s all.

    and happy birthday!

  7. Alton Says:

    tier! happy belated bday friend!! I didnt know where to send my bday greetings… but i DID remember =) hahah. i hope all is well… looking fwd to when we can catch up. take care sis.

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