Reminders from Rain.

October 11, 2007

I don’t mind rainy days – in fact, I sort of revel in them. & I don’t mean the drizzling kind; I mean the downpours.

A couple days ago, it rained for a couple hours while I was at school. I kept the classroom door open during class so I could hear the pattering. The students complained about how unexpected it was & how their shoes were soaked like over-watered houseplants (haha ok, so they didn’t make that exact comparison . . .), but I just smiled & thought of my long, umbrella-less walks in the rain during college. I would come back to my room completely drenched but happy.

I do prefer bright, warm days with plenty of sunshine, but something about rainy days makes me slow down, reflect, & praise God.

The rain in the Bay Area rarely comes unaccompanied by dark clouds & a chilling wind, but apart from the dismal appearance, the rain does so much good. It brings life, it cleanses, it nourishes . . . much like the rain in our lives.

Are trials (inner or circumstantial or relational) ever pleasant at the moment? Hardly. Often, they’re dismal, wearying, & even mentally & emotionally torturesome. But what good it does for us who are in Christ (really, could we expect anything other than “good” from our Abba Father who loves us?)! We view the world so differently during our rainy days . . . often, the small, petty, fleeting things of the world truly appear to be so, & we experience in truth the promised sufficiency of His grace.

Praise God for the rain, for these earthly illustrations of His ways. The created rain brings us reminders of its (& our) faithful Creator. Rejoice.

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow . . .



6 Responses to “Reminders from Rain.”

  1. curtismchale Says:

    I love the rain. I often sit out on my chair swing bundled up with my wife and listen to the rain. We always sleep with the window open if it is raining for the sound.

  2. jennifer lee Says:

    when i read the title, my first thought was the korean singer =) (love me.)

    i wish it would rain here. it rained a few weeks ago, but it only lasted for a day. i love waking up to hearing rain outside my window. ~

  3. stephanie Says:

    =) i like rain every once in a while. it makes everything seem clean and fresh again. this post was written so prettily =)

  4. pastorpatrick Says:

    You only like the rain because you’ve been disillusioned. Come back to sunny San Diego and stop buying into the lies of NorCal. Hahaha! ~P

  5. cathie Says:

    oh pat… my mom told me it was raining in norcal. i bet it will be raining here within a couple days. the weather in sd always seems to follow sj.

  6. tia Says:

    It IS raining today! 😀

    curtis – I’ll have to leave the window open tonight!

    jenn – korean singer? you mean Bee? no way!

    pastor pat – if my family weren’t up here, i’d be in san diego in a heartbeat (or 8 hours . . . since i’d have to drive)

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