The Littlest Cousin.

October 20, 2007

I love it when my little cousin, Alisa, writes me a note. She usually writes it sitting next to me, as I’m working on something or studying.

She’ll usually talk a little to herself as she writes it. Sometimes, she’ll pause, look up at me, & ask, “How do you spell ___?” Usually I respond, “Spell it as best as you can first.” (I admit, I think notes from little kids with misspelled words are adorable . . . so I show her the correct spelling after she’s written the letter.)

Here’s one she wrote today (can you figure out what she’s writing?):

to my cusit! From. Alisa. I love you!
I love my csit! becus she is so cide and she chich me to be good and she is rliy sweet and she chirs me up!
and I love my csit!

Yes, her view of me is extremely, unrealistically elevated.
But someday, she’s going to find out that I’m a sinner, too. The chief of sinners, as far as I’m concerned.
By the time (or when) that day comes, I pray she’d know the One who loves & died for sinners.

Sometimes, I wish they’d stay little forever :] She spells my name, “Ltichsha”.
But then again, seeing her walking with the Lord one day would bring me even greater joy . . .


3 Responses to “The Littlest Cousin.”

  1. jennifer lee Says:


    melted heart goo all over the place.

  2. tia Says:

    Jenn! Alisa & I talked about you today :] She was like, “Oh yea, I remember her! But she really does look like Rachael, huh?”


  3. garnetkim Says:

    ahh.. thanks tia!

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