Cheerful for His glory.

November 4, 2007

Two of my cousins & I dressed up for my church’s “Fall Festival” this past week. I was exhausted afterward, but it was well worth it. They had so much fun.

One kid at church asked if I was Larry the Cucumber ;]


Leslie & Alisa still come over every weekend. They still challenge me.

They don’t just listen to my words; they listen to the tone of my voice. They don’t just watch my actions; they watch how, & with what attitude, I do them.

They particularly notice whether I’m cheerful or not. Leslie, especially, will ask, “How come you’re cheerful even when ____?” or “How come you’re losing your cheerfulness?” (She’s asked both of these questions in the past two weeks.)

One of my most consistent prayer requests this past year has been for genuine cheerfulness, no matter what my circumstances are – that sweet, joyful disposition that is the fruit of walking by His Spirit. Though I’ve certainly seen more of joy’s opposite, He’s faithful to continually sanctify . . . & provide unexpected accountability through my cousins.

When we’re cheerful, it brings Him glory. In this dark world, cheerfulness (true joy) shines. After all, who can claim to have lasting, undiminishing joy no matter what the circumstance except those who know, love, & walk with Him?

So, away with grumbling, complaining, pessimism, bitterness, discontent, & gloom.
Let’s be cheerful from the heart . . . for His glory.


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  1. garnet Says:

    : ) cute picture!

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