Blessing upon blessing.

November 18, 2007

Blessing upon blessing. That’s what the past two weekends have been . . .

Last Weekend

LBC’s All-Church Retreat (Holy Affections with Andy Snider)

Our selfishness is most evident through our emotions: what we love, how we love, why we become angry, what we rejoice in & why . . .

God delights in humility; I want to be the object of His delight.

Humility is always thinking of others first with no regard to who or what they are. It’s not looking to others & seeing myself as nothing or lesser in comparison; it’s freedom from thinking about self at all. In light of God, I am nothing.

A.W. Tozer speaks of the “gaze of the soul”, the look of faith entirely on Christ. Is your gaze inward or one of worship focused on the Savior?

God’s love is affectionate. Yes, agape love is a love of the will that gives and sacrifices, but still, it is not a stoic love. The emotions are involved. His love involves affection. His love & faithfulness involve feeling; they’re not just cold commitments to His promises.

Joy is enhanced by trials. “God, my exceeding joy.”

Fellowship with brothers & sisters in Christ, in SD

The fellowship was sweet beyond words. Catching up with various brothers & sisters, hearing about His faithfulness in their lives, weeping & rejoicing together, & reflecting on the countless prayers that have been answered since we last met . . . I was encouraged to the brim – no, my cup overflowed. Truly.

As I was leaving Peter & Jinny’s home on Monday, Jinny whispered, “Apply! Apply!” She’s one of the precious few able to expose my heart & so specifically spur me on towards love & good deeds. Ah.

This Weekend (present)

D&S’s Wedding

I thank God for using His instruments (haha, my high school friends) to cross S’s path with mine. During my senior year of high school, on my birthday, my friends “kidnapped” me, took me out to dinner, & took me to their church where S & other missionaries were speaking that night. The rest is history :]

D&S share in their love for God, their love for His Word, & their passion to see His name glorified among the nations (specifically through Bible translation). They’ve waited on God for many years for a likeminded wife/husband to run with . . . What a celebration their wedding was.

Sunday Service

My pastor asked this series of questions this morning in his sermon, as though God were asking (each felt like an arrow to my heart):
“Will you trust Me even when the feeling, the strong sense of My presence isn’t there? Even when My Book seems closed? Even when others don’t understand you? Even when My answer is ‘wait’? Even when your ministry does not produce immediate fruit?”

That last question in particular cut deep. But isn’t that what trust in God is about? Looking beyond the people & circumstances & looking to our kind, sovereign God.

Sunday Lunch Buddy

For the past month, after church & before children’s choir practice, I’ve been eating lunch with Becca, who is usually a little girl but sometimes can also be a “doggy”, “horsey”, or “kitty”.




3 Responses to “Blessing upon blessing.”

  1. garnet Says:

    : ) that little girl is adorable.

    appplyy indeedd. i gotta get on that. : )

  2. e Says:

    hey! that’s in-n-out! (not the wedding pics, the lunch buddy pic) funny the things I notice…

  3. tia Says:

    g: she really is :]]]

    e: hahaha, i have yet to see an in-n-out with a different layout 😀

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