Her words.

December 5, 2007

Last summer, I bought a friend a copy of The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace for her bridal shower. When I purchased her book, I bought another copy to keep “on reserve” for future gift-giving.

A few months ago, I began thumbing through the spare copy. After reading a chapter, I just wrote my name in it. I can’t give this away now.

I’m still not finished reading it. Really, every chapter is painful[ly convicting] to read. Every time I pick it up to read, I brace myself. The book deals with the woman’s heart, not just the wife’s heart; Scripture permeates every chapter.

This is what I read last night. It was a timely read . . . maybe that’s what made it especially convicting . . .

“She opens her mouth in wisdom, & the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” (Proverbs 31:26)

When she opens her mouth to speak, wisdom & kindness flow out. Her wisdom comes from the Word of God & her kindness from the Holy Spirit. Her words are not rude, terse, harsh, or wounding, they are edifying & helpful.

Oh yea.

Words of wisdom, words of kindness must come from a wise, kind woman – a woman whose meditation is His Word, a woman who walks by His Spirit.

Wisdom comes from His Word. This is where I learn of His ways. Any “wisdom” that defies His Word, that disregards the “only wise God”, is not true wisdom at all, no matter how many years of “experience” back it.

Kindness is not a self-generated, external “niceness”. Kindness is not sweet words or acts disguising a bitter, unwilling heart. Kindness does not later grumble or complain of what it has done. It is the fruit of the Spirit; it is produced as a result of abiding in & walking by the Spirit.

By His grace, to be a woman who opens her mouth in wisdom & on whose tongue is the teaching of kindness . . . not because I’ve learned to “say the right things” or because I’ve learned to mask my begrudging heart, but because I fear, love, & know the God of wisdom, the God of lovingkindness.


One Response to “Her words.”

  1. jennifer l. Says:

    ouch. the good kind

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