Guitar [Un]Hero.

December 17, 2007

My dad asked what we wanted for Christmas this year.  I usually don’t give him a response, but this year, I’m asking for a guitar (a guitar is more convenient to carry around than a keyboard).

But I don’t know anything about how much they cost or what kind of guitar is at least decent for beginning learners.  I’m looking for a decent guitar that isn’t over-the-top in terms of pricing.  Any ideas?  Is it okay to buy a used one?

Also, is it okay to strum the same way you might play the beat on congas?  Because I think it works . . . at least, that’s how I’ve been strumming . . .


5 Responses to “Guitar [Un]Hero.”

  1. jennifer lee Says:

    mmm… tia. i’ve been telling you since your sophomore year… it doesn’t work.

  2. Kau Says:

    it depends on how much you want to spend..if you’re just beginning learning, i’d say go for a cheapo. Most guitar players end up buying a new one in a few years anyways. You can get a decent guitar for less than $200. If you are willing to spend a little bit more (~300) and want a nicer guitar, look into a baby Taylor. They’re smaller, so it’ll be even easier to carry around, and sound pretty darn good.

  3. tia Says:

    jenn: haha, i can still sing along with it though . . . didn’t you ever sing along with me as i strummed? didn’t it work? :] thanks for the tips!

  4. pastorpatrick Says:

    Hey Tia, I strum to the rhythm of different drum beats and it works just fine. I would recommend getting the Yamaha at Costco. It’s a good practice/learning guitar and it doesn’t cost too much. Also, if it gets a bit dinged up, you won’t feel too bad. =) ~P

  5. nanceshorts :D Says:

    i agree with pastor pat! i have the yamaha & it’s pretty good for beginners, like myself :] i enjoy playing it & messing around with it! i think the quality isn’t too bad either, even compared to the taylors & martins…

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