New Year, Old Friend.

January 2, 2008

After a week in Southern California, I’m finally back home. It’d been a while since I’d driven to & from Southern California. The long drive was sweet – hours to just talk with God, & mile after mile of beautiful sky.

I spent the week with Jamie, a childhood friend (more like a sister), at her aunt’s home in Simi Valley. We took a mini-road trip down to Irvine & San Diego, too. During the drive back home yesterday, I spent a lot of time thinking about our friendship.

I’ve known her for the whole of her life. Our moms were pregnant with our older brothers at the same time. We grew up at the same church, & our families saw each other 66 days in a row one summer (we counted). With the exception of a few memories, from babyhood to my 13th birthday, all of my childhood memories involve her family.

One summer night in 1996, I remember our parents were drinking coffee & eating fruit as usual on the backyard patio. But that night, their conversation took an unusual turn. They said, “If anything ever happens to either of us, we’ll take care of each others’ children.” I remember thinking that if anything ever happened to my parents, I couldn’t imagine being taken in by anyone but Jamie’s family.

In January of 1998, something did happen. A series of tragic events happened that changed everything. & in short, according to all worldly, human reasoning, we shouldn’t have been friends anymore. (Maybe I’ll write about that some other time . . .)

But for the past 10 years, God, for His glory, sustained & grew this friendship despite the circumstances & despite the distance (she moved to Indiana).

Her mom hoped we’d always be like sisters, & we are. I thank God for my little sis.

We’re very different . . . She loves shopping; I don’t enjoy it very much. I love reading; she’ll maybe browse through some magazines. She’s naturally an extrovert & prefers big crowds; I’m naturally an introvert & prefer talking to people one on one. She’s most likely to be seen with a Coach purse & stilettos; I’m most likely to be seen with a big book bag & sandals. At the beach, I’m in the water with plenty of sunscreen; at the beach, she’s on the sand, tanning. She thinks I’m strange; I think she’s strange :]

But in the end, these things don’t really matter.

I love her. He knit our lives together from the beginning.

The past week was filled with shopping, movies, & other activities I don’t often engage in. But it was a week with Jamie . . . & I loved every minute of it. God is good.



I love you, Mie-Ja.


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