Ready, Aim, Fire!

January 2, 2008

I considered whether or not to make “resolutions” for 2008. But during my long drive on New Year’s Eve, I was convicted about certain areas of my life. I suppose these aren’t resolutions solely for 2008 but for my life on a whole right now.

In heart, soul, mind, body, will (by His grace)

Christ, Christlikeness

1. Take more risks. That no one I know personally would be without knowledge of the God of the gospel. If I refrain from telling them (because of fear, because of whatever other reason), then their blood is on my hands.

2. Never to make a decision based on whether it will earn me another’s good favor or good opinion but to make my decisions according to His glory & the other’s good.

3. Pray more specifically & honestly.

4. Not to focus on my heart’s desires but to delight in Him. Begin a more extensive, intensive study on the character of God.

5. Spend more time with mom & dad. Not to take them for granted.

6. Spend more time with grandpa in the skilled nursing facility, encouraging him in the Lord. My dad said this will probably be the last year I have with my grandpa.

7. As much as it depends on me, to discipline & train my body & mind . . . not to become attached to the comforts afforded me here, but to prepare myself for wherever He may take me, not clinging to any one place or people as though this were my Home.

8. Climb Half Dome. Any takers?

9. Write more encouragement notes (love you, Cathie).


3 Responses to “Ready, Aim, Fire!”

  1. garnet Says:

    i’ve hiked half dome! it’s great. : )

  2. cathiekimn Says:

    thanks for today. :]

  3. tia Says:

    G: Come again with me! :]

    C: I love seeing you :] I think today was the most tired the both of us have been in a while . . . but I was refreshed/reminded ❤

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