Jane Austen.

February 18, 2008

I just read over my last post & started laughing.

That one line dealing with being “constantly fatigued” even after only a little bit of “physical exertion” sounded too much like something from Jane Austen.

I just finished reading her Sense & Sensibility (my first time reading one of her books). I enjoy the description of people & places, especially her detailed character analyses, but the endless dances & preoccupation with how much someone makes or spends a year & all that is a little wearisome — kind of like a soap opera from the 1800s.

I still prefer L.M. Montgomery.

All that to say . . . woops :] I tend to become so engrossed in what I read that I pick up the style & language of the author I’m reading.

Maybe I should just stick to the Bible :]


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