Rest & reflection.

February 18, 2008

Rest & reflection. The two come hand in hand.

My body started to give me warning signs of neglecting the former a little over a week ago. I was ill in bed last Sunday, but after a day’s rest, I thought I was good to go for the week. I was constantly fatigued after even just a little physical exertion, but it was my last week with my students, so I pushed myself anyway. I must have run on adrenaline or sheer determination all week, because finally, a couple days ago, my body just crashed. I couldn’t get up from bed, couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat.

But today I’m at least up in bed, & my mind is unaffected by bodily weakness, so I have plenty of time to reflect, think, & pray over some things :]

* Love necessitating vulnerability

* God as my ultimate goal in pursuing holiness

* Ministry: “opening wide” my heart, the sharing of gospel and life

Maybe over the course of the next week, these thoughts will take on the form of separate posts. God certainly had different plans for me this week. I was supposed to spend this week (& next) at the library, studying for grad school exams. “8 hours a day,” I boasted. My pride & my words apparently ran ahead of me.

I had other neglected priorities. Exams can wait.

. . .

On New Year’s Day, we took flowers to my grandma’s cemetery (the one we never met but who, by God’s grace, passed on a lasting legacy of faith in our family).

One of the yellow flowers fell from her bouquet, so my brother provided some fun[ny] entertainment for me . . . & the camera.



I love my goofy brother.

I appreciate his forthrightness. (It’s something I can learn.)


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