Even in the “little” things.

March 7, 2008

Just wanted to share a neat story of God answering prayer, even in the “little” things :]

For the past few months, a good friend of mine had been applying & interviewing for jobs. She’s graduating this semester, so she wanted to have a job lined up right out of school.

She interviewed with a company that she really wanted to work with. After interviewing, she wanted the job even more. She was called to come in for a second interview. Her hopes rose. In the end, she wasn’t offered the job. It was a bitter disappointment.

We began to pray together that she would trust God & that God would place her where He wants her. In my private prayers, my #1 prayer for her was that God would place her at a company in a city with a strong local church.

Still disappointed, she continued applying & interviewing with other companies.

She met with more rejections. Even the jobs that she thought would be “easy-getters” rejected her. (For a girl who has a full scholarship for college & who had a prestigious internship just the summer before, this was humbling.)

She had another interview last week. She flew out for her interview with another friend who was being interviewed, & after seeing the company headquarters & meeting the people there, she was smitten. She flew back home & anxiously waited for their response.

A couple days ago, the other friend who interviewed with her received a job offer from that company. She, however, didn’t hear from them.

Yesterday, dejected, she called me. She began to go over the if only list . . . “If only I had said this in my interview,” or “If only I hadn’t said that” . . .

We prayed together. God is good. He is in control. He is the One who gives favor. He is sovereign over men’s hearts (yes, even recruiter’s hearts!).

We spent the rest of the phone conversation talking about how God cares about the process. He cares that we are humble; He cares that our trust is in Him, not in our own credentials or merits; & He cares that He receives the glory. We’re not in control. But our good, faithful, loving God is . . .

She hung up sweetly surrendered to Him.

Well, today, she called to tell me she received the job offer! She gave God all the glory :]

It turns out that her recruiter took so long to call & offer her the job, because the recruiter was on vacation until today!  A day delayed according to His plan. God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it?

& even better . . . about my prayers for her to be in a city with a strong local church, guess where she’s going . . .

Minneapolis! Of all places! You know, where Bethlehem Baptist Church is . . . where John Piper preaches!!


3 Responses to “Even in the “little” things.”

  1. deepsm25 Says:

    This was a brilliant post. It literally had giving me goose bumps. Well written and well said about having that faith and belief.

  2. jennifer lee Says:

  3. tia Says:

    deepsm: ah, you should have heard us yelping with joy over the phone :]]]

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