Powder Puff.

March 12, 2008

I went back to the high school last night for the senior girls’ powder puff game against the sophomores.

For the past few months, these girls had football practice every day after school, plus Saturday 6am practices. I remember some of them would come limping into class every day. Intense.

Stephanie was selling the tickets in the booth, & Kristin gave the hand stamps at the door. Carolyn, Florinda, & Amberly were on the field with their braids, ribbons, & face paint. Maricela was coaching the guy cheerleaders. Kelvin was one of the senior cheerleaders. The guys sprayed their hair red, white, & blue, & they even had pom-poms (I’ll leave out the details about the skirts . . .) Aljed & Vernon were on the field; I think they just wanted extra front-row seats. Anthony was throwing a football around with a friend in the tracks. Wilson & Elizabeth were in the bleachers. Bernalyn was looking for a seat.

It was good seeing them :]

The girls gave it their all. They were down by one touchdown, & the quarterback was running toward the end zone for a touchdown at the end, but time was up. Ah. She was literally 5 yards from the end zone. They lost the game, & I spent my last few minutes at the school hugging the tearful girls. (I still think they’re #1 though.)

When I came home last night, I got this email from one of my third period seniors. It’s about half of us. I really wish I had remembered to bring my camera that last day. I don’t have pictures of the other classes or the freshmen. Maybe I’ll sneak a visit with my camera before the end of the school year . . .


These are a handful of the students some of you were praying for. Let’s keep praying for them ♥

(& judging from this picture, I guess I now see why the office aides would always look so confused when they walked into the classroom . . .)


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  1. nate Says:

    thanks for this post tia.

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