March 20, 2008

Cravings, conflicts, wars within,
Ne’er fail finding peace in Him.

Be not clutching, loath to give,
But trust the Lord your heart to sieve.

Earthly treasures come & go,
Melting fast as winter’s snow.

Look to Him, your Treasure pure;
He is Good, His love–secure.


2 Responses to “03.20.08”

  1. praise2day Says:

    Did you write this poem? It resonates with me. I found your site by happenstance. I was searching for the words “God’s hiding places” after hearing Michael Youseff on Christian radio speaking of Gods’ hiding place. I realized that I actually came across your site a couple weeks ago from a link at another website but at the time was unable to really check it out. So it appears God has brought me here once again and for a reason only He knows. Your poems’ words and your reflections lets me know that there are people across this world whose spirits will find one another without us even knowing. I am in a lowly place in this world, moreso in spirit and my faith has been a long struggle through the disorders of my mind – but I feel some clarity lately and am grateful to find you.

  2. tia Says:

    Likewise, friend :]

    (& yes, I wrote it)

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