April 13, 2008

So, moving took a little longer than anticipated, & of course, the move had to happen simultaneously with about several other major to-do’s ;]

I’m waiting on Mississippi pictures, so I’ll update about that as soon as I get the pictures from it . . . I’m pretty sure it’ll happen sometime this week . . . not to mention about 4 other posts I have in queue.

I’ve been reading through D.A. Carson’s Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount again. It’s been painful.

Sometimes the sin of this world, the lack of integrity, the injustice, the cruelty, the cheapness, the selfishness, all pile onto the consciousness of a sensitive man & make him weep. Most of us would prefer merely to condemn. We are prepared to walk with Jesus through Matthew 23 & repeat his pronouncements of doom; but we stop before we get to the end of the chapter & join him in weeping over the city. The great lights in church history learned to weep–men of the caliber of Calvin, Whitefield, Wesley, Shaftesbury, and Wilberforce.

This . . . forces the professing disciple of Jesus Christ to ask himself some hard questions. Am I merciful or supercilious to the wretched? Am I gentle or hard-nosed toward the down-trodden? Am I helpful or callous toward the backslidden? Am I compassionate or impatient with the fallen?

Jesus, make me more like You.


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