Tángeyoo (Part 1).

April 29, 2008

That’s “Thank you” in Enga of Papua New Guinea :]

Thank You for . . .

1. Salvation

A few days ago, I was thinking about some of the friends I used to attend church with as a kid. I was the one who boasted the most boldly in my defiance against God; they worried about me because I said I would have “nothing to do with God” until He changed certain circumstances in my life.

Today, of those friends, the only one walking with Him is me . . . & it’s not because of me. In my humanness, I don’t understand, but truly, truly, salvation has nothing to do with “the will of the flesh nor of the will of man.” It is ever, only “of God.” (Knowing this brings hope as I pray, now, for them.)

Can I ever, ever praise & glorify Him enough . . . for saving such a wretched, defiant sinner . . .

“Certain conditions were set before the Mediator [Christ]. He was to be made in the likeness of sin’s flesh; He was to magnify the law & make it honorable; He was to bear all the sins of all God’s people in His own body on the tree; He was to make full atonement for them; He was to endure the outpoured wrath of God; He was to die & be buried . . . Blessed be His name forever, He fulfilled those conditions, & because He did so, the Father stand pledged, on solemn oath, to preserve through time & bless throughout eternity every one of those for whom His incarnate Son mediated. Because He took their place, they now share His. His righteousness is theirs, His standing before God is theirs, His life is theirs. There is not a single condition for them to meet, not a single responsibility for them to discharge in order to attain their eternal bliss.”
(A.W. Pink, The Attributes of God)

& seeing other loved ones being saved — “of God” & not their own willing or working — makes me to just wonder at the love & grace of God. Is there anything more joyous or shout-worthy or moving than to see a holy God covering blasphemers, rebels, infidels, sinners with the righteousness of His Son, Jesus Christ?

One of Sovereign Grace’s songs puts it well: “Grace upon grace flows down, flows down, through the precious blood of Christ.” Grace upon grace!!


3 Responses to “Tángeyoo (Part 1).”

  1. atakeo Says:

    I believe that Jesus Christ with His righteousness covers our weakness.

  2. jennifer lee Says:

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