Indiana ’til Sunday.

May 7, 2008

I’ll be flying out to Indiana tomorrow morning for Jamie‘s college graduation. The last time I was in Indiana was 4 years ago for her high school graduation. They have beautiful cornfields there that stretch for miles.

She already called to let me know that she scheduled a facial for me Friday morning. I’m not exactly sure what happens during a facial (I think it involves slathering different chemicals in both liquid & lotion form onto your face — hehe, maybe I overly dramatize the process just a little bit), but I’m sure it’ll be interesting fun.

When I was 14, I visited Jamie for the first time in Indiana, & her aunt made a tremendous impression on me as a teen. I didn’t know it was possible to know & love God like she did. I remember she’d take her Bible everywhere, & she’d spend the spare moments of her day reading it intently (while waiting in the car to pick up her kids, in line at the store, at the library while her kids were checking out books . . .). I thought it a bit strange back then, because no one I knew did that. She also woke up early to pray (on some days, “early” meant 4 in the morning). To this day, when I think of her, I think of a humble woman who simply loved her Maker. I can’t wait to see her again.

I’ll be back Sunday with a melted face.



3 Responses to “Indiana ’til Sunday.”

  1. jennifer lee Says:

    relax. it’ll be fun! and it seriously makes your face feel so nice and clean~

  2. jennifer lee Says:

    oh, and how’s the writing going? you’re still writing pretty regularly here.

  3. tia Says:

    the lady gave me a hand massage with this nice-smelling lotion! that was the best part.

    & the other thing’s kind of being put off ’til the summer.

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