One Face.

May 16, 2008

I once heard a conversation between a certain Six-Face & a certain One-Face . . .

Six-Face: I am weary of my six faces.

One-Face: Then why not trade your six faces for just one face?

Six-Face: But I cannot keep the same face in every context. I’ll be sure to lose some friends.

One-Face: Therein lies the issue. If your aim is to please the One, you only need one face. If your aim is to please the many, you will need even more than the six faces you currently have.

Six-Face: Can’t I please the One and the many all at once?

One-Face: No. It’s impossible to run simultaneously towards two goals that lie in opposite directions.

Six-Face: Do you then care nothing for man’s esteem? Do you not fear the rejection or scorn of man?

One-Face: Not without faltering, but I choose the fear of the LORD. When I look to Him, man’s esteem is as the common dust that blows in every which way.


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