Laughing at myself.

May 19, 2008

Some things I laugh at (or at least smile at):

1. I sucked my thumb until the summer before 7th grade. I didn’t stop until the orthodonist humiliated me in front of the whole office, waiting room & all: “You’re almost 12 years old & you still suck your thumb?!” Well, from that day forth, I did not. Thank you, Dr. Quan.

2. I slept with my childhood blankie until I was 21. On my 21st birthday, I took a picture of it (see photo to right) & then threw it away in the name of adulthood. (If you’re wondering why some of the bears have holes in them, that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

3. Sometimes while I’m talking to someone, I’ll suddenly realize I can only focus on one of their eyes at a time, & I won’t know which eye to look at. It’s awkward (in a funny way); you should try it. :]

4. Songs get stuck in my head so easily it’s sad. For example, if your phone goes off, I may obliviously begin to hum your ring-tone a few minutes later without knowing where the tune came from. And it’s difficult for me to get songs out of my head. I’ll try singing another song, but once I’m “not paying attention,” the old song will creep back in.

5. I have no natural sense of rhythm or beat. With some practice (& by God’s grace), it’s become better over the years, but it does not come naturally. I’m not a natural musician or a natural dancer. And you definitely do not want to ever hear me try to rap.

What are some things you laugh at yourself about? :]


14 Responses to “Laughing at myself.”

  1. lucienlachance Says:

    I know what you’re talking about with the eye thing…I never really can decide which one to look at, so sometimes I just stare at the center of the forehead (works well, but gets boring quickly).

    I walk weird. My friend pointed it out once and I never really got over it. I straighten my legs out almost like a march…. I’ve tried to stop, but it seems to be an unbreakable habit….

    I slept with the light on until I was about 13-14. I didn’t like the dark, but I loved horror movies.

    I read trashy romance novels for a few years because I got sick of reading books that took 200 pages to get to the plot.

  2. Ruth Ann Says:

    I completely identify with #3! For a long time I found it hard to make eye contact because I never knew which eye to look at. I was convinced the other person would think I was weird for constantly flickering back and forth. When the camera zooms in on somebody’s face in movies, I always notice their eyes flicker back and forth too, so now I don’t feel so bad. 😛

    My problem with songs stuck in my head is that they tend to be two completely unrelated songs (lyrically) that have similar rhythms or melodies. I’m going from one to the other before I realize I’m thinking of two different songs.

    And I’ve heard you rap. 😉

  3. cathiekimn Says:

    hahaha i totally know what you mean about the eye thing. i’m pretty sure i’ve done it to you while we were talking ahaha

  4. tia Says:

    lucien: staring at the forehead? i feel like that’d be even more awkward!

    ruth ann: you spelled “wrap” wrong. or maybe you meant to write “nap”? :]

    cathie: hahaha, i’ve never noticed!

  5. garnet Says:

    i relate to #3
    : )

    and i laugh when.. i tell jokes. bc trust me tia, my jokes are funny. even if no one else thinks so…

  6. Kau Says:

    I don’t think there’s ever a moment where a song isn’t stuck in my head…I’ve given up trying to get them out.

    Its useless.

  7. Cheerbear Says:

    I used to get crosseyed looking at the eyes, so I started looking at the lips, untill people started telling me I was creeping them out… so I asked around about what other people do, and now I think I do either one eye, or the nose… or nothing at all.

    The funniest thing about me I think is that I seemed to have grown up believeing that single stall bathrooms are soundproof, so if I get a song in my head in the bathroom I just start belting it out at full volume. Then I come out to see people looking at me strangely. The sad fact is it took me about 8 years to figure out why I was getting the odd looks.

    Oh, and I am frequently known to have 2-3 songs in my head at once, but usually never the songs I really NEED stuck in my head.

    I still have my first stuffed animal and blankie. I sleep with my stuffed animal still (a bunny named Love Bug), and I have had the blankie in a droor since I was around 10.

    Adn as for your rapping… I liked it. all you need is a good drum beat to keep you on track. Most people have a hard time keeping time without help, that’s why they made those ticking things for musicians. (oh, and I am pretty sure the musical kind of rap is spelled that way, but the paper kind is spelled Wrap… at least that’s how I’ve always done it, or I can’t tell the difference).

  8. moonchoi Says:

    Hahaha ooh Tia. People tell me about having trouble with knowing which eye to look at– I’ve never had a problem with this before (I’m usually able to look at both eyes at once?) but since people started saying that, it’s been making me do it too. @_@;;;

    Grace has no natural sense of rhythm or beat! She was so happy when she found out that there are others like her! Haha, she practices clapping to songs in the car. She’s gotten a lot better. 😀 (In fact, she’s doing it right now as she’s listening to music. Hahaha.)

    Something that makes me feel silly sometimes is when I listen to really upbeat song, I imagine myself belting it out and dancing to it intensely. In my head. Never would I actually do it in real life. But it sure is fun in my head! :D;;;

  9. tia Says:

    Funny, fun comments (just ignore Cheerbear’s last paragraph — she means “wrapping” or “napping” . . . . . . . . . . . )

    & I’m glad I’m not abnormal with the eye thing. It’s weird, but if weirdness is the norm, that’s fine by me! :]

  10. jennifer lee Says:

    #3. i do that all the time

    #2. i wondered when you did away with it

    love you with all your funny-ness. =) praying for you~

    oh and you forgot about how you can’t multi-task

  11. jennifer lee Says:

    i have other people laughing for me
    so i just laugh with them

  12. tia Says:

    hahaha, teaching made me a better multi-tasker (at certain things) . . . but still, when it comes to having conversations with people (in person, on the phone, or online), i can’t multi-task :]

    & jenn, you forgot the part about loving the corny jokes . . . . ;]

  13. Peerlessly Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Peerlessly.

  14. tia Says:

    Peerlessly, you didn’t miss it. There was none! I apologize! ;D

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