Cars require gas.

May 29, 2008

I’d been reluctant to fill up on gas because of the insane prices (I pay about $70 per trip to the gas station!), so I watched as my car meter told me how many more miles I could go before my tank was empty: 30 miles to 0 . . . 25 miles to 0 . . . 20 miles to 0 . . . 10 miles to 0 . . .

I considered filling up before church today, but I decided to wait. After all, I thought, I still have 10 miles to go. As I pulled into the church parking lot, I had 5 miles to 0, but I wasn’t concerned. The nearest gas station was definitely within 5 miles.

Many of the Bible study girls were on vacation or away this week, so it was a cozy group of three tonight. Instead of meeting in the room at church, we decided to have Bible study at Starbuck’s. I volunteered to drive & decided I’d get gas on the way.

The car sputtered a little when I started it (it’s not usually a sputtering car), but I thought, Pah, I’ve never run out of gas before. It won’t happen now. I’ll make it to the gas station. (Big, big logical fallacy.)

We were within sight of the gas station. It was just 15 seconds away. Then the car gave a last sputter & stopped. Died. Nothing. And the meter still said I had 5 miles to 0!

We walked to the gas station to look for a gas can. All I needed was a little bit of gas to make it to the gas station. No gas can there. “Try the auto store next door.” It closed at 8pm. “Try Walgreen’s across the street.” No gas can. “Try 7-11.” No gas can, & the 7-11 cashier kept suggesting I try using kerosene. Finally, we called someone from church. Rescued!

Bible study was supposed to start at 8pm. We ended up starting at 9:06pm. I’m so thankful those girls were good sports & considered it more of an “adventure” than a disaster.

Moral(s) of the Story: (1) Your car needs gas, unless you have an electric or push-pedal car; (2) Just because you never ran out of gas in the past doesn’t mean you never will in the future; (3) I blame it all on the gas prices.

Haha, just kidding to (3) . . .

For some reason, since this whole no-gas episode, the phrase, “No praya, no powa!” keeps echoing in my head. Funny brain.


5 Responses to “Cars require gas.”

  1. Derek Wong Says:

    Oh that’s never happened to me. The closest I got was I coasted down Genesee in San Diego, pulled into the Chevron in the Costa Verde Shopping Center, and I believe died JUST as I got to the pump. I was amazed (and so very very relieved).

    Haha I’m glad that you didn’t take the 7-11 cashier’s advice to use kerosene. That could have been pretty crazy. 🙂

  2. tia Says:

    I thought I’d be able to coast the rest of the way, but the car wouldn’t move! So sad . . . haha.

    & yea, I don’t even want to know what it would have been like using kerosene. Maybe that’s something that one show (Myth Busters?) should try . . .

  3. e Says:

    Happened to me twice…the second time I was caravaning with Chris and he had to turn around and help me push my truck to a gas station. We felt pretty manly after that…

  4. tia Says:

    We felt pretty manly running around looking for a gas can . . . hahaha.

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