Happy birthday, Gracie.

June 18, 2008

Tomorrow is one of my dearest friend’s birthdays. (I know, it’s a day early.)

A couple weeks ago, she told me about something she heard R. Kent Hughes wrote in The Disciplines of a Godly Man regarding David & Jonathan’s friendship in Scripture. Scripture says that Jonathan loved David as his own soul; theirs was a deep friendship that knew no rivalry (even for the throne). And Hughes said something along the lines of, “A friend is one who wants you to be king.” Even though Jonathan was the rightful heir to the throne (humanly speaking), he wanted David to be king (& God said he would be). Saul desired David’s death; Jonathan desired David’s preservation, even at the expense of himself.

Growing up, I prayed for a friend I could really trust — a likeminded friend. I really believe God answered that prayer when an upperclassman I met my freshman year of college in Crossroads Campus Ministries talked with me & suggested I meet this girl named Grace who was also a freshman. After talking to her & after talking to me, he thought we’d be good friends. He was right :]

Our friendship’s been compared to a lot of random friendships in literature since then — Anne Shirley & Diana Barry and Frodo & Samwise, to name a couple — but since a couple weeks ago, I like the David & Jonathan comparison better (she’s the David).

This is a video I made for her back in February (trying to make a video for the first time & wanting to encourage her at the same time). It semi-chronicles the 6 years of our friendship . . . only semi, because neither of us are huge on picture-taking ;]

Happy birthday, friend.


2 Responses to “Happy birthday, Gracie.”

  1. Kau Says:

    “The deepest of friendships have in common this desire to make the other person royalty.”

    good illustration =)

    Your friend seems pretty cool…i think i would like her…=)

  2. tia Says:

    hahaha, she said she heard the r. kent hughes quote from you.

    & . . . she’s beyond cool. she’s a jewel — valuably rare :]

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