Summer is bookworm season!

June 24, 2008

When I was younger, I read a pile of books every couple of weeks during the summer. My mom took us to the library to check out books. I’d come home with as many books as the library limit would allow. This was all well & good until my dad decided I needed more “variety” in my reading selection. The next time my brother & I came home from the library, we were told to switch books. He was stuck with my fiction & biographies. I was stuck with his jet engine & science/how-to books. I don’t remember a thing I read from his pile (or did I even read them?).

It’d been a while since I’ve really been able to read “to my heart’s content,” but now that summer’s here, I’m finishing up all the books on my bookshelf that I haven’t yet finished.

I’m currently working on one of the last remaining unread books, The Christian Leaders of the Last Century by J.C. Ryle. Sweeeeet read on mostly English church history. It includes two chapters on George Whitefield! It’s the second volume though; I’ll have to order the first volume, too. More nuggets from this book in a later post.

Hopefully I’ll finish this book soon, because on the way in the mail are:
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp
Holiness by Grace: Delighting in the Joy that Is Our Strength by Bryan Chapell

Right now is definitely a sweet time in my life, when I can easily devote a good number of hours to good reading. I thank God for it. (I do recognize the danger of merely reading & not living, if you know what I mean; part of me would be content to simply read & never face “real” life. And those like me do have to watch out for this tendency.)

But summer’s here! For those of us with more time, let’s spend some of that time reading up! And I’m more than happy to give & receive book recommendations! :]


4 Responses to “Summer is bookworm season!”

  1. garnet Says:

    that sounds like how my summers used to be. : ) oh tiaa i miss you and our talks over drinks at coffee bean and starbucks.

  2. tia Says:


    and ice cream!

    oh garnet :]

  3. killingsin Says:

    The importance of church has been deeply on my mind lately, and I thought it’d be a good idea to focus a little bit on that. A couple books I’d recommend are “The Master’s Plan for the Church” by MacArthur (great book that lays down the foundation for why Scripture calls us the church and what that means), “What is a Healthy Church Member?” by Thabiti Anyabwile (short read but very helpful and practical on how to be a healthy church member where you’re at, and how much work needs to be done in our own lives), and “Spiritual Disciplines within the Church” by Don Whitney (pointing Christians to the life of the local church to show God’s love to a dying world in need of it through discipline that many would be servants of Christ’s own). Books are too good to pass up. Thanks for the post. You’ve been persevering the writer’s block on blogging, and am happy to be able to catch up with you, at least one way (we still haven’t hung out yet, but hopefully that’ll change). Miss you down in SD!

  4. tia Says:

    thanks, cesar! i read the first one but not the other two!

    i’ll be down in SD in a couple weeks!! :]

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