“Camping is in-tents.”

August 15, 2008

(My reflections for Session #4 will be posted soon …)

Last weekend, my dad, my brother, and I took my cousins Rachael & Leslie, along with 4 family friends’ teen kids, to our special family camping spot, Portal Forebay (whew, that was a lot of commas).

We spent 3 days & 2 nights there. We went boating on two different lakes; swam in two lakes, a river, and a natural hot spring; fished; hiked; and made s’mores galore. And each night, around the campfire, we talked about different life topics: death, salvation, creation, “success” …

One night, we waited until 1 in the morning so we could see the Milky Way. By far, the best part about camping was the night sky. It really did look like thousands of diamonds strewn across the dark sky. (The next best part was jumping into the river from a high rock and swimming around. The water was so clear … and cold!)

The local paparazzi found out about our trip & followed us there. We made it onto a few magazine covers. You might see them the next time you’re standing in line at Safeway or some other grocery store. ;]

Halfway through our 5 hour drive there, we stopped to eat lunch at In-n-Out. Before we ate, I went into the restroom, and when I was about to leave my stall, I thought I heard Rachael coming in. I peeked at the feet next to me, and sure enough, the light blue jeans and white sneakers told me it was Rachael in the stall.

So, true to my “terrorist cousin” reputation, I reached my feet under the divider into her stall and triumphantly stepped on her toes. I heard a squeal, which told me I had been successful both in startling her and in stepping on her toes! To celebrate my “genius” & success, I stepped on her toes again! This time, I heard a “Who is that?” from her stall … and it wasn’t her voice.

I was half horrified, half laughing. Thankfully, it was a nice lady who thought it was her daughter pulling a prank on her. After laughing awkwardly with her (while she was still in stall), I quickly made my escape. And even more thankfully, I never saw her face … and she never saw mine!

Everyone laughed when I told them what happened. I ended my story then by saying, “It’s all your fault, Rachael! If it was you in the stall, nothing like this would have ever happened!”

And now, I conclude my story here in the same way: It was all Rachael’s fault. (hehe … I love you, Rachie!)


6 Responses to ““Camping is in-tents.””

  1. Ruth Ann Says:

    hahaha I love the magazine covers! I never knew I had such a famous friend. you and your “terrorist cousin” techniques. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. tia Says:

    shhh … don’t tell anyone, but you can make up your own & be famous, too!



  3. caroline Says:

    mmm…the diamonds in the sky must have been amazing… ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey, how did i create a profile with a picture to comment on other ppl’s sites?

  4. jennifer lee Says:

    oh dear… only you.

  5. jennifer lee Says:

    and “in-tents”

    … oh dear.

  6. tia Says:

    caroline: i replied on your wordpress/facebook! ๐Ÿ˜€ (in case you haven’t seen it yet …)

    jenn: you sound like piglet with all your oh dears :]

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