August 30, 2008

(I’m still processing that last session …)

I haven’t taken much time lately to really process everything that’s been going on within me & without.  School (MBA program — more on that later, too) hasn’t even started, and I’m still job-searching; but still, it’s been so busy.  I’ve had time to read but not much time to reflect and pray … at least, not as much time as I am used to having (or making).

Today, in brief, my heart feels so embattled and war-torn.  When I read about the war-torn countries that are and that have been, I feel like (at least, in some ways) I’m reading descriptions of my heart.  It feels that torn up.  The battle feels like it’s raging that intensely.

Yet, I’m thankful.  If it weren’t for His Spirit within me, there would be no war at all.  The dead man knows of no such thing.  (And it’s a strange thing to desire this for another … but I do.)  The man alive who strives with his flesh struggles indeed, but he knows the struggle will not kill him.  In fact, the struggle reminds him of his life.  And a look in his Savior’s Book reminds him that his Savior has overcome … and he shall overcome with his Savior.  My sin, my flesh, my weaknesses, my pride, and what seems to be overwhelming burdens and circumstances will not, shall not prevail.  Christ’s is the victory yesterday, today, and forever.

Take heart, my soul.  There will be no waving of the white flag at the end of this war.  The battle belongs to Him.  And the banner of His victory is already rustling in the wind.


2 Responses to “<3”

  1. cathiekimn Says:

    hi tia — thanks for this brief but heart-felt post. i am feeling much the same… so thanks for the reminder that the battle itself is a reason to hope. :]

  2. tia Says:

    i miss living near by you.

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