Tres centavos.

September 14, 2008

A New Old Book
I’m currently reading C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man, or Reflections on Education with Special Reference to the Teaching of English in the Upper Forms of Schools.  I’ve had this on my shelf since I was in high school.  Of course, I finally pick it up now, months after I finished teaching.  How useful it would have been, say, a year ago! I actually never even knew its alternate title until a few days ago when I actually turned to the inside title page. :]  It’s been interesting (hehe — yes, Jenn, I’m sorry; you don’t like my broad, nondescript use of the word, interesting) reading this from a Christian author.  Most of what I read in my credential program was from a very different perspective.  I wonder if there are more books written on this topic?

Sour Notes
I hit some sour notes (about three prominent ones, if not more) while playing during the offertory today.  They were pretty sour.  But what was even more sour than those notes was what God revealed in my heart as a result of those wrong notes.  I was hardly thankful or even mindful of His grace.  I was hardly thinking about whether others were still prompted to reflect on Christ in worship as a result of the song (it was Fairest Lord Jesus).  My mind was stuck on those sour notes.  I was stuck on my errors.  More correctly, I was stuck on my wounded pride.  It’s interesting how these greater heart issues are reflected in even the “smallest” situations.  Even in my walk with Christ, I tend to get hung up about my errors (or again, rather, my wounded pride).  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to knock “humility” or “a single love for Jesus” off of my prayer requests list … it’s a grievous thing to think about how frequently I must grieve His Spirit, but it’s a heartening thing to think about just how soon I will finally worship Him as I long to, in a more lasting city.  No more songs of love to the Savior, there, with hearts still entangled with self-love.  No more sour notes from the heart.

Kindred Spirits
I am so thankful for “kindred spirited” sisters in Christ.  There is so much to learn from sisters who work — in their heart, mind, and life — differently (as far as the graceful bounds of Scripture allow for diversity in those areas); but I’m so thankful He gives those kindred spirits to run the race with, too.  Ones who are so much so stitched together from the same inner fabric, so to speak, that it doesn’t take much to understand them or be understood by them.  He’s been providing me with such sisters here at home, too, and my cup runs over. :]


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  1. jennifer lee Says:

    meh. i use it too from time to time.

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