Who > Why.

October 28, 2008

For about the past four years, I’d been praying for a dear friend’s health.  She struggled those four years (and the 10 years prior to that) just wanting the doctors to be able to discover what was wrong.

She wasn’t a believer back then.

Now, four years later, she loves Jesus.

And now, the doctors do know what’s wrong.  And she’s hiding herself in Him, thankful she met the tempest after finding Refuge (or rather, after Refuge found her).

Still, knowing now hurts.  Deep.


2 Responses to “Who > Why.”

  1. simp1ysteph Says:

    ❤ keep praying tia.

    i finally made one for public posts =) thought you might appreciate this…

  2. tia Says:


    you and your blog :]

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