“America has chosen a president.”

November 5, 2008

I recommend reading the thoughts of Al Mohler regarding the results of this election: America has chosen a president.

Every American should be moved by the sight of young African-Americans who — for the first time — now believe that they have a purchase in American democracy.  Old men and old women, grandsons and granddaughters of slaves and slaveholders, will look to an African-American as President…

We should look for opportunities to work with the new President and his administration where we can.  We must hope that he will lead and govern as the bridge-builder he claimed to be in his campaign.  We must confront and oppose the Obama administration where conscience demands, but work together where conscience allows…

America has chosen a President.  President-Elect Barack Obama is that choice, and he faces a breathtaking array of challenges and choices in days ahead.  This is the time for Christians to begin praying in earnest for our new President.  There is no time to lose.


6 Responses to ““America has chosen a president.””

  1. garnet Says:

    : ) i read that too.

  2. jennifer lee Says:

    good stuff

    (p.s. I posted!)

  3. jennifer lee Says:

    “There must be absolutely no denial of the legitimacy of President-Elect Obama’s election and no failure to accord this new President the respect and honor due to anyone elected to that high office. Failure in this responsibility is disobedience to a clear biblical command.
    “We must keep ever in mind that it is God who raises up nations and pulls them down, and who judges both nations and rulers. We must not act or think as unbelievers, or as those who do not trust God.”

  4. simp1ysteph Says:

    he was on abc7 news the other day. they were airing the reactions of conservative christians towards the election. maybe they have it online? anywho, it was interesting…

  5. tia Says:

    i was looking for it on their website and on google/you tube, but i couldn’t find it …

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