Studying on a beautiful afternoon.

November 15, 2008

It’s beautiful today.  The sun is mild and warm, there’s just a breath of a breeze, and the sky is a clear, clear blue.  There isn’t even a wisp of a cloud in the sky.  In short, it’s too beautiful to stay locked up inside … so what do you do when you have project deadlines and group members who are relying on you to do your part?

What can you do but study like this?


At least one of us is able to relax and enjoy the weather …



The Puritans declared the sanctity of all honorable work.  In so doing, they rejected a centuries-old division of callings into “sacred” and “secular” … This Puritan rejection of the dichotomy between sacred and secular work has far-reaching implications.  It judges every honorable job to be of intrinsic value, and integrates every vocation with a Christian’s spiritual life.  It makes every job consequential by regarding it as the arena for glorifying God and obeying God and for expressing love (through service) to a neighbor.
(Leland Ryken)

God help me see my studies as an arena for glorifying You.  It’s not about me being solely immersed in explicity Christ-related things or a different set of circumstances; it’s about Christ in me.


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