Posts to come — soon, I hope.

November 24, 2008

Though I haven’t been writing here, I’ve been writing in my journal … and some of those thoughts may soon find their way here.

The days have just been slipping through my fingers, but recently, there have been more moments of quiet and rest deliberately interspersed in between.

My friend sent me a song about a week ago (thanks, Garnet) that I’ve been singing and humming all week.  It’s a simple, repetitive song, but something about singing snippets of Scripture to myself has been like applying a balm to my heart.

I set my eyes on what I cannot see
I set my eyes on the eternal…

You are my great reward
Forever I will be with You…

I know that this momentary light affliction is working in me
An eternal weight of glory, an eternal weight of glory…

For You are God and You know what You want…
And You give and take away, the only Initiator of seasons of change…

Consider it pure joy when You face trials of many kinds
The testing of your faith develops perseverance
Perseverance is needed to run the race…

This is my confidence, this is my confidence
I’m living for another age…

My only confidence, my only confidence
It’s an eternal weight of glory being worked in me
I’ll consider it pure joy
I will consider it pure joy…

Christ in my heart

(by Justin Rizzo)


2 Responses to “Posts to come — soon, I hope.”

  1. garnet Says:

    😀 tia i’ll send you a few more. the ones i have of him are very scripture-ly. i’m glad you liked it.

  2. tia Says:

    yay! thanks!

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