Hello, my name is Graced.

November 28, 2008

Sometimes, I find myself thinking of someone more in terms of their past rather than in terms of their present (and future) in Christ.

I characterize people (myself included) more in terms of their regrettable past and forget to diligently seek for evidences of grace in their lives.  To think on what’s true would be to think on who they are now and who they will be as God continues His perfect work in them, not on who they once were.

His people are constant works in progress, sinners who show evidences of God’s grace in their lives.

In Christ, our names aren’t to be mired in association with sins that have been nailed to the cross and paid for.  In Christ, our names are Graced.  And we are to think rightly of one another in this way and in truth that cannot be divorced from love.

And what of the one whose sin continues to hurt and destroy?  Can we still see them with eyes of faith — faith not in them but in the One who can change hearts?


2 Responses to “Hello, my name is Graced.”

  1. courtneychow Says:

    Hello Graced. I am Humbled. (at least for this week.) 🙂

  2. tia Says:

    I want to be Humbled, too. And I really enjoyed your last entry about your time with Esther. I miss you guys ❤

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