December 2, 2008

grumpy2I promised more posts, and they’re coming … but not for a little while.  My writing here has been more sparse, mainly because my real journal has been a little more inundated than usual.  But believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted to read anything “honest” from me for the past few weeks.  If I was honest, it would have been nothing but complaining, grumbling, and the like.  And while it’s necessary to be honest, it’s not necessary to vent … and especially not here.

But I will post some sermon notes from last Sunday (by the end of this week, I hope).  Our pastor took us through the book of Habakkuk, and the sermon title was When Giving Thanks Is Tough: From Honest Complaint to Heartfelt Praise (Habakkuk). It cut me to pieces … not that I really want to return to being what I was before I was cut up …


3 Responses to “Grumpy.”

  1. simp1ysteph Says:

    ❤ seasonal blog droughts are always a good thing in my book….
    keep me updetted on EVERYTHINggg tiaa.

  2. That pastor sure knows what he is talking about.
    Hope you are well and getting some bandages for you wounds.


  3. tia Says:

    let’s talk soon, steph :]

    and jason, hope YOU are well and getting something better than bandages (non-figuratively speaking)!

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