Cars require gas (Part 2).

January 9, 2009

So, I thought I learned my lesson last May … but apparently, I didn’t.

Last night, on the way back from Bible study, I noticed my gas tank was getting low, but I was too tired to fill up on the way home.

This morning, I didn’t have enough time before work to fill up, so I decided I’d fill up after work.  After all, I thought, I still have 20 miles to go …

We had so much going on at work today that I ended up getting off work around 4:20 PM instead of at 2:30, like I normally do, so I hit traffic on the way to the gas station.  As I exited the freeway, I was waiting at the signal light, and my car started spazzing out (you know, the low-on-gas trembling).

I saw a Shell station up ahead just across the intersection, and I started praying.  Seriously praying.  My car kept trembling.  The light turned green, and I started to cross the intersection.

Even though my foot was on the gas pedal, the car would only go about 1-2 mph, and I started inching my way across the intersection.  (I think the cars behind me realized something was wrong, because they didn’t honk at me.)

It was the intersection of the freeway exit and a busy street, so I was surrounded by cars on all sides.  A stopped car in the middle of all that would have been devastating to the flow of traffic.

Then my car died.

But I was exactly in the middle of the intersection, and the remaining way to the gas station had a little bit of a down slope, so while I was in neutral, I pulled into the gas station and my car stopped right next to the gas pump.

I was extremely thankful, to say the least.

And I hope I learned my lesson this time … to say the least.

God is kind to me.


5 Responses to “Cars require gas (Part 2).”

  1. jennifer lee Says:

    oh tia.
    your poor car.

    praise God.

  2. Derek Wong Says:

    I’ve definitely had that out-of-gas tremble before! I’m glad that it worked out the way that it did instead of you having to find some kind stranger to push your car for you! What an experience that would be!

  3. nance shorts Says:

    hahaha i can totally imagine the car trembling….with fear (car: “oh no! i’m outta gas!”)

    just kidding.

    praise God…i’m so glad your car didn’t shut down entirely! phew!

  4. jennifershin Says:

    aye tia… hahahaha i miss you!

  5. tia Says:

    i know, poor Florence.

    i miss Chippy though.

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