Straight to Him.

January 21, 2009

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Prentiss’s biography recently, and the more I read, the more it confirms to me that her fictional account of a girl’s journey to godly womanhood, Stepping Heavenward, mirrored so much of her own life.

In Stepping Heavenward, Katy’s mother is a woman who deeply loves God and leans on His breast (so to speak) in every circumstance of life.  In Stepping Heavenward, Katy wonders “what Mother finds to say when she is shut up by the hour praying.”  And when her mother is grieving, Katy writes in her journal,

She has gone now, where she always goes when she feels sad, straight to God.  Of course she did not say so, but I know Mother.

Sharon James, the author of Elizabeth Prentiss’s biography, shared this about the influence Elizabeth’s praying mother had on her:

Most of all she relied on her God, with whom she communed often in prayer.  In the last Bible study Elizabeth gave just before her death, she looked back to these early years [of her life]: “Accustom yourself to turn all your wants, cares, and trials into prayer,” she said.  “If anything troubled or annoyed my mother she went straight to the ‘spare room,’ no matter how cold the weather, and we children knew it was to pray.  I shall never forget its influence over me.”

It made me think about the pattern of my life, the pattern of where I flee to when my heart is heavy or troubled or chafed.  Is it straight to Him?  Straight to His tender counsel?  Straight to His arms?  Straight to His comfort?  Or do I wander, seeking out all other options before making my way towards Him?

Oh, to go straight to Him and to find — again and again and again — that He is enough.


4 Responses to “Straight to Him.”

  1. cathiekimn Says:

    I want to read it :]

  2. courtneychow Says:

    I love Stepping Heavenward.

  3. tia Says:

    cathie: i think you’d love it. it’s “elizabeth prentiss: more love to Thee” by sharon james. i’m borrowing this one from jenn!

    court: me, too. if i could read one book (besides the Bible) for the rest of my life, i think that book would be the top, or at least a close second or third …

  4. salty Says:

    Something to keep in heart 🙂

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