Geico the gecko.

January 30, 2009

My brother moved home a couple weeks ago, and he brought his pet gecko, Geico, with him.

Geico’s cool, but the crickets he eats … that’s a whole ‘nother story.  They are so loud.  On a warm summer night, hearing crickets in the distance is nice.  But hearing even one from the next room, with its “chirps” magnified because of the wooden floors, it sounds like a miniature smoke alarm that broke and won’t stop ringing.

Maybe I need to turn the temperature down.

… Actually, just as I finished that last sentence, the chirping completely stopped.  Maybe Geico ate him?  I wonder if Geico ate him just because he was too loud.  I would.

(Just kidding.)


7 Responses to “Geico the gecko.”

  1. moonchoi Says:

    You could rip their wings out. Then they’ll be quiet. 😀

  2. tia Says:

    Wow. Those two words, “rip out,” make a world of difference in meaning from something more civil … like “remove.”

    But I guess my post had a malicious bent to it to begin with.

    Hugs, not bugs.

  3. courtneychow Says:

    We have lizard that snuck into our house a few times last week. 😦

  4. stephshin Says:

    HAHAH mooner. so barbaric. anymore exciting classes today letiaaaaa? 😉

  5. tia Says:

    Courtney: Free pet! You know that if you get the lizard upside down and stroke it under its chin, it’ll “fall asleep”? It really works!

    And Steph, I have “exciting” classes Monday through Thursday. My first M/W class is exceptionally “exciting” though ………. :]

  6. SraHendry Says:

    Geckos chirp too. Are you sure it was the cricket? 🙂

    Hey, I met Pam from City Team on Saturday night. I asked her if she knew you and she said, “Tia from HR?”. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!

  7. tia Says:

    Sra Hendry, geckos CHIRP?! I must have missed that episode of Animal Planet …………………

    And yea! I talked to Pam at work the next day, and she told me she met one of my high school teachers! I immediately guessed it was you ;D How neat!

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