Thoughts on hope.

February 25, 2009

We’ve been going through Colossians in our girls’ Bible study at church, and since last week’s study, Colossians 1:5 has been surfacing and resurfacing in my thoughts.

… we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that you have for all the saints, because of the hope laid up for you in heaven. Of this you have heard before in the word of the truth, the gospel. (1:4-5)

Because of the hope laid up for them in heaven.  Because of this hope, they persevered in faith and love.  And Paul doesn’t just say that their hope is heaven; he says their hope is in heaven.  Their hope wasn’t just a location.  Neither was their hope just a flitting emotion.  Their hope was a Person, a promise, and a prize; and all their hope rested on Jesus, heaven’s glory.

Sometimes I wonder about Lot’s wife whose backward glance cost her her life.  Or the Israelites in the wilderness who longed to return to Egypt, where they were enslaved.  Or the disciples who went back to fishing after Jesus was crucified and before they knew He had risen again.  I think whenever the present is trying and the future is uncertain, we tend to long for what is behind.  We sigh and think that the best thing to come has already come and passed.

But Paul tells the Colossians that their hope is laid up for them in heaven.  It’s a future hope.  Because their hope lay in the future, they pressed forward.  What a wise and loving God that He would give a sure hope that would keep His people looking and moving forward, a hope so radiant that nothing that lies behind would ever tempt His beloved to look back.

Such is our hope.  Such is the fuel for our perseverance.

I need not sink, standing on the sands of false hope or even viable earthly hope.  My feet have found firmer ground — a Rock.

And she smiles at the future …


3 Responses to “Thoughts on hope.”

  1. garnet Says:

    : ) i like this. *no backward glances*

  2. nanceshorts Says:

    tia, i honestly love reading your blog. so encouraging ❤

  3. tia Says:

    garnet: reminds me of a song … “no turning back, no turning back” :]

    nance: praise God… i’m so glad

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