God’s Love: Huh?

February 26, 2009

“By what means Satan first drew mankind from the obedience of God, the Scripture doth witness: To wit, by pouring into their hearts that poison, that God did not love them.” (John Knox)

he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not2I’ve been searching through Scripture trying to understand the love of God.  What is the nature of His love?  Is it conditional?  Does it ebb and flow toward me as a believer?  How does personal sin in my life affect His love?  Is it ever a hard love?  Is it a “I’m pleased with you and smiling on you all the time” kind of love?

Some of these questions have obvious answers, but I think I’ve been looking at God (and His love) so much through the lens of my own sinfulness and interpretations of my experiences that my thoughts and deep-down beliefs about His love are a bit skewed and contradictory.  And if there’s any which way that I tend to swing, it’s definitely toward the side that He can’t possibly love me because He’s so disappointed and disgusted by my sin.  Yet, the other extreme, that He loves us and is blindly pleased with us in spite of sin, seems skewed, too.  And I don’t think it’s quite right to say His love is the medium between those two extremes.

But I want to grow in the knowledge of His love — the love that Paul prayed the Ephesians would be “rooted and grounded in.”

His love is wide.  His love is high.  His love is long.  His love is deep.  So, what does that truly mean in a real and practical sense for me, a believer who loves Christ and struggles, struggles, struggles against sin?

I’m searching His Word and praying for wisdom and understanding.  I also picked up copies of D.A. Carson’s The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God and Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.

I’m excited.


4 Responses to “God’s Love: Huh?”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    I’m excited too!
    You’re so studious.

  2. simp1ysteph Says:

    =) i’m going to reap from your study…i know it. [reap reap reap]

  3. tia Says:

    cass: studious? ask the friends i study with in the grad program … we need to have sweets on hand and one another’s “accountability” to get studying done!

    steph: reapreap (like meepmeep) :]

  4. cheerbear Says:

    coolness.. I look forward to your book reviewing 😉

    I guess I’ve always seen him like the best dad in the world, and we’re his todlers. We mess up, and yes dissapoint him, but he still loves us. It’s a love we don’t fully have in us as humans, so it’s hard to fully comprehend, but that’s kinda how I’ve always looked at it.

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