Salamat po.

March 9, 2009

(Tagalog for “thank you.”)

After being the only healthy one in the family for the past few months, I finally caught the ugly cold bug that’s been going around.  I heard it goes through several different phases.  I’ve been through the sore throat and fever stages; now I’m in the sniffles stage.  What’s next?  I mean, besides finals next week.

Before I start grumbling grumble any more, maybe it’s time for another thank You post (haha).

Thank You …

1. For my parents’ 49th birthdays.

I remember Superbowl Sundays used to be a big deal at my house (back in the 49er’s glory days).  Our house would be packed with people.  My dad taught my mom how to watch football, so I would hear her cheering and groaning amidst the din.  She used to leave the room when the Niners were playing a close game and announce that she was too nervous to watch anymore.  I often wondered how special my parents’ 49th birthdays would be, especially since they’d share the same number as their favorite team.  Well, they somewhat proved to be bandwagon fans in more recent years, so you won’t hear the Niners mentioned too often in this house anymore, but it’s been sweet reflecting on the years between my anticipation and its realization … not because they’re finally 49, but because God has shown me glimpses of His invisible hand in their lives (individually and together) through all those years since.  Such a great God.

2.  For the Andaya and Avila family, baby Nathan‘s family.

I’ve had several opportunities to hang out with them and their extended family, and what can I say?  I love them.  When all of them are in the same room, some will be laughing together, one will begin grieving in the arms of another, the little ones will be romping around, there’ll be enough food and drink to freely invite more friends and family, and one of the mothers will spontaneously begin humming or singing a hymn or children’s praise song.  As I’ve watched this family rejoice, grieve, and broken-heartedly (yet wholeheartedly) trust God together, He’s blessed me and taught me through them.

3. For inspiring John 3:16.

To my shame, I have to admit that for several years, this verse got “old” for me.  I’d quickly brush over it, searching instead for verses that read more freshly.  But John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life,” is the truth at which angels marvel.  They see the holy, holy, holy One.  They see a sinful world desiring nothing of God.  They see the love of the Father for His Son — a love as eternal and infinite and glorious as the One who gives it, that only pretenders of knowledge can even begin to call this love “vast.”  Then they see that same love demonstrated to those rebels dead in sin and see wrath poured out on the Son, heaven’s glory.  What is going on?! Then they see the holy One, the One before whom legions tremble, heaping mercy and grace on those who once defied Him and declared themselves gods.  Then they see these same ones being adopted as sons and daughters of the Most High, raised with God’s only Son, and eliciting His affections.  Amazing.  Glorious. Things into which angels long to look.  John 3:16 is a window into a world of truth.  Thank You.


2 Responses to “Salamat po.”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Those are all good things to be thankful for.
    While I was still in my blog-stalking phase, before we were actively talking, I looked through all the Baby Nathan blogs and cried and cried. It is good to hear that the family is thriving in spite of tragedy, and is leaning on our great God.
    You get well, girl. You gotta fly in like ten days or something!

  2. tia Says:

    Cass, you’re such a dear-heart. Let’s keep praying for Nathan’s family. And I hope I’ll be completely better by next Thursday! Yayyy!!!

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