None save Christ.

April 4, 2009

(A narrative.)

Her knees were pressed against her chest, and she was crying — her tears splashing on the unswept brick floor.  The hands wiping away the tears were coarse from years of hard labor.  The single deep crease between her brows told of years of unspoken suffering.

When she saw me, she quickly got up, and as she did, the shuffling of her feet drew my eyes to her house slippers.  They were smudged with cinder.  The soles were peeling apart, and empty metal prongs gaped back at me, telling of cheap gems lost in wear and tear.

By her feet was a browning, crumpled sheet of paper.  She would never tell me, but I already knew what was on it.


She had inquired all over town and failed to find what she was looking for.

What could I do for her?  I was her granddaughter.  I knew no trade.  I had no expertise, no knowledge.

None save Christ.

But I was told that is enough …


2 Responses to “None save Christ.”

  1. stephshin Says:

    ❤ “i had no expertise, no knowledge, none save Christ.”

  2. tia Says:

    Man, I can’t wait to see you in our “nutso” meet-halfway idea :]

    4 more days!!

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