2nd period.

April 6, 2009

I was looking through some of my teaching stuff from last year, and I started cracking up because I remembered my second period class asked me to name my first child “Second Period” so that I’d never forget them.  They were crazy, but I loved them (for it).

One of the seniors wrote the poem below and then read it to the class on the last day.  Catch a glimpse of some majorly undeserved love:

Ms. Han

I walked into school in a midsummer morning
Into a place & time where I will start my story…

You introduced yourself, made friendly gestures
You looked nice enough, not very tough
You sat behind the teacher’s desk
Listening & learning as if studying for a test

Skip several weeks ahead
You announce that something must be said
You’re going to be our new teacher
I was a bit skeptical at first
But soon my doubts turned into thirst
For the knowledge that you taught us
To allow me to speak my mind & not let it be hushed

I appreciate the things you’ve done
I appreciate the fact you made English fun
I appreciate the hours you sacrificed you know
To teach us about Wife of Bath, poems, & Quiz Show

It’s sad to see you go away
Hopefully we’ll see you again someday
I know you’ll be a great teacher in your career
Because you hold something everyone finds dear
Love, compassion, & a kind heart
You’re such a great person, I could write you a song
But until then, we’ll miss you Ms. Han


4 Responses to “2nd period.”

  1. Derek Wong Says:

    That’s awesome. It seems like you’re one of those teachers that people will remember as one of the good ones. And that is a most excellent thing!

  2. tia Says:

    If that’s the case, it’s so an evidence of grace. (I really meant it when I said the poem was a glimpse of UNdeserved love!)

    My students and I had our “days,” too, if you know what I mean … maybe even “weeks” … but God is good, and I miss those rascals!

  3. SraHendry Says:

    Praise God for the lives you touched, Tia. That’s what it’s all about.

    Love you, little boat!


  4. letitia Says:

    Everyone: Senora Hendry was my high school Spanish teacher and our Christian Club advisor!! She was a teacher — and more — through some rough times :]

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