Lessons in trust.

April 13, 2009

Her Father: Do you trust Me?

Her: Yes.

Her Father: Do you trust Me with the uncertainties?  With what you do not know?

Her: Yes.

Her Father: Do you trust Me with the certainties?  With what you do know?

Her: Ye–what do You mean?

Her Father: The things that have thus far been certainties your whole life long–the ongoing struggles, the past, the hearts of those dearest to you, the same prayer prayed for years without answer–do you trust Me in these things, too?

Her: I …

Her Father: When the certainties in your life cause you to cry out again and again, “How long…?”  And when it seems that I am neither hearing nor answering, do you yet trust Me?


Her Father: Child, don’t fear or despair.  I formed you and made your heart so that knowledge must precede trust.  So I will teach you to know Me more.  Then you will also learn to trust Me more.


3 Responses to “Lessons in trust.”

  1. moonchoi Says:

  2. stephanie Says:

    a book…?

    tia, i LOVE you. visalia, anytime, anywhen.

  3. letitia Says:

    moon: ❤ miss you!

    steph: no, not a book. just semi-fictionalizing things again. and i would totally drive to visalia again … anywho, anywhat, anywhere, anywhy, anywhen. that post is coming soon ❤

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