A sweet surrender.

April 16, 2009

Lord, here I hold within my trembling hand,
This will of mine — a thing which seemeth small;
And only Thou, O Christ, canst understand
How, when I yield Thee this, I yield mine all.
It hath been wet with tears and stained with sighs,
Clenched in my grasp till beauty hath it none;
Now, from Thy footstool where it prostrate lies
The prayer ascendeth: “Let Thy will be done.”
(D. M. M’Intyre)


2 Responses to “A sweet surrender.”

  1. jennifershin Says:

    thanks for posting this, tia. i really needed it. ❤ you! and hope you’re feeling better!!

  2. letitia Says:

    love you. feeling better and ready for catch-up time!

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