Simple joys.

April 21, 2009

O ’twere not in joy to charm me, were that joy unmixed with Thee.
(Henry Francis Lyte)

Driving to Visalia and back

One month ago: My friend, Steph, and I joked about meeting halfway between San Jose and Fullerton.

Three weeks ago: We gave it more serious consideration.

Two weeks ago: We decided to do it.

A week and a half ago: Done.

A couple Saturdays ago, we each left our homes around 6:45 AM.  Three hours and about a hundred dead bugs on my windshield later, we met at the midpoint (Visalia, CA) at one of our favorite conversation spots:

(I took this picture on my phone as I arrived — haha.)

It was totally worth the trip to see her and catch up face-to-face.  Who knows, it could happen again.  :]

Walks with Mom and the pups

My mom and I have started to take evening walks a couple times a week, mostly on the weekends.  I’ll put a leash on one of our dogs, Choco, and only put a collar on our other dog, Atom.  (Choco gets lost, so we need to keep her near, but Atom can find his way home from just about anywhere, so we let him loose.)

Atom will race ahead of us and sniff around and wait for us when he’s half a block ahead.  When we catch up to him, he’ll race ahead again.  And we just shake our heads and laugh.  Silly pup.  Love my mom.


4 Responses to “Simple joys.”

  1. Derek Wong Says:

    Walks are sweet. So are the simple joys, which in the present can so easily point us toward a God who can provide such joy. 🙂

  2. stephshin Says:

    <3. thanks for not putting up the ghost picture. hahaha =)

  3. Dennis Says:

    First, PB Rocks! Second, your two stories would make fantastic illustrations about us, God, and our walk with Him! Isn’t life just GRAND!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. letitia Says:

    Derek: Dude, in the words of Alton, “Yeee dawg!” (haha)

    Steph: Yes, maybe on Halloween. Hehe, I love you. Just a very, very little bit ;]

    Dennis: I had to think about what you meant by PB at first. In San Diego, we said PB for “Pacific Beach” … so I was confused until I realized “Panera Bread” is what you meant. It’s been a long day :] God is good!

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