Preface: Pursue love.

May 23, 2009

The way of love.  To love God and people, people with specific names and faces and temperaments and idiosyncrasies and sin.  This is the aim, not yet the attained; and the aim is not one that will be attained by the flesh — only by the Spirit, as the fruit of the Spirit is borne in my life by His death and life at work in me.  Praise God for a Savior.

Perhaps there is a thin line between healthy self-examination and unhealthy self-consciousness, and I’m often teetering between the two, especially when I’m sharing the fruits of what have been a study and a struggle in my life rather than a victory.

These meditations and studies on love have been searing and searching my heart.  I know all too well the pride and self-love that run their course like poison through my veins, but there is no encouragement nor power in such a lengthy study on my heart as it is.  So, I turn my attention to that which encourages and empowers: the Word of God, as the Spirit of God gives understanding.  By necessity now, I share that which is a higher standard than I have yet attained.  It is my prayer that even yet, by His grace, His Word might truly become my life … and yours.

“Pursue love,” Paul tells the Corinthians (I Corinthians 14:1).

Let’s do just that.


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