Well loved.

August 17, 2009

Oh, for the Day–
To hear, “Well done,”
From a Voice like rushing waters,
And to fall at His feet and say,
“No, Abba … well loved.”

Well loved–
Praise God in Christ,
Well loved.


2 Responses to “Well loved.”

  1. slam Says:

    what do you think of Tozer’s “the knowledge of the Holy One”?

  2. letitia Says:

    slamjoe, the short version: good book. :] the long version: i read that book a couple times back in college, and i remember being left with a sense of wanting to know God more–more ’til i could talk about Him with familiarity like tozer did with Scripture interwoven in all the description. tozer’s style is somewhat more “mystic” (in the awe/wonder sense) and devotional, which i think i appreciate better in “the pursuit of God” than “knowledge of the holy.” good man that tozer :] why do you ask? are you reading it?

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