The secret things.

October 28, 2009

Her Father: Your brow speaks of heavy thoughts, child.  Come, tell them to Me.

Her: But they are so many, Abba.  And my questions are so many.  I would weary You with words, not to speak of heart heaviness.

Her Father: Child, I know your heart.  I know your thoughts.  I am not wearied.

Her: But these things I don’t understand, questions without answers … Who can know them?  Who can understand them?

Her Father: The secret things belong to Me, child.

Her: Yes, but …

Her Father, gently: Child, they belong to Me.  Will you rest in that?


4 Responses to “The secret things.”

  1. natekwak Says:

    tia, do you write these things or are you getting them from somewhere?

  2. letitia Says:

    nate, they’re lessons/reminders He gives through prayer, His Word, or other means … somehow, it’s comforting for me to write it out. maybe it’s a way of speaking His truth to myself and returning to it as i need to?

  3. martinyan37 Says:

    hey tia,

    thanks for stopping by the blog and dropping a comment. i still remember our meeting freshman year at ucsd… keep on writing. good stuff!


  4. letitia Says:

    hey marty, are you also aka hase’s “tino”? if so, i remember when you visited! and likewise, i like your poems!

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