December 14, 2009


9 Responses to “Aimee.”

  1. natekwak Says:

    wait what in the world is going on?

  2. letitia Says:

    haha, maybe what i had up previously sounded more dramatic than intended … there we go :]

    just a link. for fun. haha.

  3. cathiehong Says:

    ahhhhh i love!! but i’m confused… i really thought that was your journal when you were 13. if so, you were a GREAT writer! if not, you captured the thoughts of a young girl so well! :] taha, you are the modern-day elizabeth prentiss.

  4. tia Says:

    cathie, the heart of it is from those old journals, but i’m taking the liberty to edit and add and fictionalize as necessary :] and e. prentiss is def the inspiration … one of my fave authors :]]]

  5. natekwak Says:

    aimee is not a real person?!

  6. tia Says:

    HAHAHA, nate … she’s kind of a real person, but not. it’s based on a real person, but aimee herself is on-purpose a mysterious combo of the real person and fiction … so she can be honest about heart issues without exposing people and/or experiences in her life. does that make sense?

  7. cathiehong Says:

    tia, you should write books like e.prentiss! i would buy them. :]

  8. courtneychow Says:

    i would definitely buy a book written by tia. ❤

  9. letitia Says:

    thank you for the encouragement :]

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